Managing all aspects of digital and data suppliers to streamline contracts by ensuring that all purchase orders, costs and schedules are detailed, issued and tracked. We have a robust history of managing all aspects of daily administration for estate management, budget tracking and project control as well as data input and analysis. Our service is both flexible and scalable as we often work as an embedded resource. We can flex our offering to manage numerous and varied supplier services by 'bundling' their activity to consolidate the tasks involved and deliver (visible) efficiency. Our offering includes the following.. Purchase Order placement, tracking and control. Data inputting and dash boards. Providing 'embedded' or dedicated consultant experts. General support for team based or task based administration. Property or asset management for complicated portfolio. Remote 'Personal Assistant' support and administration. All of the above are managed by an individual team of staff selected entirely for the task or process required. The service is extremely flexible and is capable of flexing to accommodate various levels of work and changing circumstance. We utilise all of the current embedded, remote and on-line systems. We also support our projects by using the latest apps and technology to ensure we are able to support numerous disciplines, location and reporting. In summary, our aim is always to reduce (admin) noise, improve visibility and provide control. 

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